Civil War Reenactors “Raid” Nelsonvile

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General John Hunt Morgan made a stop in Nelsonville Friday night.

The city is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and a reenactment featuring the Confederate general was the first of several activities.
Marge Stone is a local historian and was a key figure in staging the Morgan reenactment.
"I think history is very important, very important and it's particularly interesting I think, for the Ohio people, because at one time the state was invaded," said Stone, who was interviewed on WOUB's Newswatch program.
"I know the history and it's just very short. It won't last all but maybe fifteen minutes," said Stone. "So once I started with the Nelsonville Morgan Committee, which I happen to chair, in January we decided to have it and this is just the sort of think that I like to do."
It was in July of 1863 that Morgan rode into Nelsonville with his cavalrymen.
"It was the only time that Ohio was breached by the Confederates in the Civil War and his real journey came through in '63," explained Stone.
Marge Stone is also vice president of the board of the Athens County Historical Society and Museum, and the Museum is also getting in on the Civil War Sesquicentennial action.
"We have a lovely Civil War exhibit set up now, particularly one on ammunitions that is just fascinating when you first come in. Everything from tiny little balls to big pieces of ammunition, so that's what will be planned," said Stone. "The promo committee hopes that next fall, and this is strictly in the planning stage, but that we would be able to offer a series of instruction on making costumes because we have so many reenactors here for all sorts of things and teach them to make that and that will be part of it. We'll probably have a few lectures too."
Other groups involved in the anniversary activities include the Civil War Roundtable, the Nelsonville Public Library and the Nelsonville Restoration Foundation.
Also, the Ohio Historical Society and the Ohio Department of Transportation are working on an interpretive sign to mark the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail.
The sign will be installed along Route 278 near the Nelsonville city building.
It will tell the story of Morgan's Raid and the Nelsonville connection.