Local Author Predicts Strong Future For Energy Resources

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A local author is exploring the history of energy and is making predictions for our energy future.

Jay Warmke of Blue Rock Station said he wrote the book, When The Biomass Hits The Wind Turbine, because he believes there are more energy resources available than the average person recognizes.

"I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we've gone past peak oil, we've gone past peak coal, we've gone past peak natural gas, and what that means is that half of all of the supplies on this planet has been used up, and that's the easy half," he said. "I'm always struck at how people feel hopeless. Everything has been used up and they have no hope, and I wanted to do some research to see [if this was] the case."

Warmke said that looking back at history has made him hopeful for the future.

"This is the hopeful part because ultimately the book is a very hopeful statement. This coming age will make the industrial revolution look like a weak warm up act. The future is really going to be amazing," he said.

Warmke was a guest on WOUB's Newswatch Thursday night.