Tuition Will Top $10,000 At Ohio University

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Ohio University students and their parents will have to open their wallets and purses even wider for the next school year.

For the first time, tuition and fees at OU will be more than $10,000 a year.
President Roderick McDavis says he feels their pain.
"We understand the impact that raising tuition has on students and their parents in terms of their budgets, and so we don't like to do it, but it's one of the ways that we keep the quailty of the education students receive at a very high level," said McDavis. "There is a value to a higher education that we think is critically important and so we want to try and keep the quality of what we're providing so we keep the promise that we made to students when they come, to provide them with that high quality education."
While defending the most recent tuition and fee increase, President McDavis also talks about cost-cutting efforts at Ohio University.
"Well, we're working on trying to do at least three things, if not more.  First and foremost: reduce spending.  Look for ways we can cut back on the amount of money that we spend on things that are not focused specifically on the academic enterprise of the university or delivering academic programs," said McDavis.
He noted the university will also seek out more private donations to fund scholarships and look to the state legislature for more funding.
According to the College Board, average tuition and fees at public colleges rose 8.3 percent last year.
With room and board, the average annual cost for a public college exceeds $17,000.