Athens Offering Tax Amnesty

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The City of Athens is offering a one time opportunity for "non-taxpayers" to get back on track without penalties starting Friday.

Failing to pay your income taxes could get you into hot water with the government, along with penalties and interest.    
Prior to signing a new contract with the Central Collection Agency, the City of Athens is offering delinquent taxpayers a chance to come clean through an income Tax Amnesty program.
"What we wanted to do was offer an amnesty program, which is an opportunity to file delinquent tax returns or delinquent employer withholdings with no penalty and half interest charges," said Tina Timberman, City of Athens income tax administrator.
This gives taxpayers an opportunity to do redeem themselves before the city joins with the collection agency to compare Athens' database to the IRS database.
These records will be used to pursue non-filing and under reporting taxpayers.
After researching a Dayton amnesty program done back in 2008, Timberman says that this program is expected to bring in between $10,000 and $20,000 in revenue for the city of Athens.
"For every person that comes forward, it's money that we hadn't previously collected," said Timberman. "So, it's going to be increased revenue as well as that becomes a future taxpayer, so not only do we get the previous seven years back taxes but we also get taxes going forward."
The City of Athens is currently accepting tax returns for the amnesty program and will continue accepting them until June 29.
Athens City tax forms can all be found on the city's website along with a list of items that are taxable and non-taxable for the city.