Elementary School Honored With Safety Award

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A boy from Westview Elementary in Jackson has a new bicycle for summer thanks to the Ohio Department of Transportation. 

Fourth grader Sebastian Kirby was awarded a bicycle for having the best poster on bicycle safety.
The Westview Elementary Fourth Grade Team worked on an ODOT campaign.
The campaign is called "Every Move You Make, Keep It Safe."
Principle John Balzer says the school wants to promote bike and ATV safety because in most accident,s kids are not wearing a helmet.
Balzer says he wants his students to be safe.
"We really do want to stress to kids that it's not somebody else, it can happen to you. Because they always think that it's somebody else far away that things like that happen to and its not, it happens right here in your own hometown," said Balzer.
The fourth grade teachers also accepted a $1,000 award from ODOT.
The award will be used next school year to teach safety going to and from school.