Whipple Man Pens Bird Watching Book

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Bird watching is one of America's fastest-growing and most popular hobbies.

Bill Thompson of Whipple, near Marietta, has made it easier for children and beginners to take up the hobby.
He's done that by writing a book called "The Young Bird's Guide."
Thompson says he wrote the book for two reasons.
"One, I wanted this to be the book I wanted as a kid starting out bird watching a long time ago in Iowa. The second reason is, a lot of adults and sociologists are noticing that kids these days are disconnected from nature," said Thompson.
Thompson worked with his son and daughter's elementary school classes to test what kids wanted in a bird watching book.
Thompson says he designed the book to peak children's interest in the hobby.
"Every page has one species, it has a wow factor to capture your attention, it has a picture or two, a field sketch showing some behavior, just lots of interesting little tidbits that I think capture the attention of any reader, young at heart or young," said Thompson.
The book includes 300 of the most commonly encountered birds in North America.