Foundation For Appalachian Ohio Moves Offices

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The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio is celebrating moving to a new office building today, but the new space isn't too far from the old one in Nelsonville.

Foundation president Cara Dingus Brook says the new office at 35 Public Square is just across the street on the public square, but the added space makes all the difference.
"It's, not only is it bigger, it's probably five or six times bigger than where we were, but it's really conducive to the work of a foundation," said Brook.
The building once housed Peoples Bank, whose CEO and Chairman Bob Evans was a founding board member for FAO.
Brook explained when the foundation started in 1998, Evans offered the second floor of the Peoples Bank building as office space.  But the foundation needed a move-in ready office, so they never took Evans up on his offer.
It wasn't until 10 years later, when Peoples Bank moved from the space at 35 Public Square, FAO members approached Peoples Bank in Marietta about donating the building.
Brook said she didn't know about the original offer until she told Evans, who has since passed away, about the bank's gift. 
Brook says the ribbon cutting ceremony was also a celebration of Evans' legacy.
"He had a favorite motto it was called 'leave the woodpile higher than you found it' and the idea was if you can build on things, then the next generation will come and build on things and the next and the next and the next.  It's just a beautiful metaphor for how you live life," said Brook.
The new space includes more meeting space, a board room, video conferencing materials and private meeting space for donors.
"We're here because of the generosity of others. The generosity of Peoples bank, of Mike Brooks of Rocky Brands, of the Governor's Office of Appalachia who really saw that a space that was conducive to our mission was needed and we just can't be more appreciative," said Brook.
Brook says the office will be open to the public during tonight's Final Friday event on the square.