The Newest Member Of The Athens Music Scene: LEAVE CORP

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Dan Dreifort is a familiar character in the Athens music scene.

After 20 years of performing his original music in over 15 bands, Dreifort is no doubt a veteran to nearly every stage in uptown Athens.

Dreifort’s first group, Walrus, was formed way back in 1992 when he first arrived in Athens. Since then he has formed and fronted such notable Athens bands as Cactus Pears, Martizatic!, Vellumn, and Our Smiling Jesus Band. 

Dreifort returns to the Casa Cantina stage this Friday, July 13 fronting his newest group LEAVE CORP. The four-piece is made up of Dreifort (guitar/vocals), Dave Wooster (guitar/vocals), Tom Wilhelm (bass) and Brandon Schultz (drums).

To find out a bit more about one of the newest bands in the Athens music scene, WOUB caught up with Dan Dreifort and Brandon Shultz to talk everything LEAVE CORP.


How did you guys meet?

BS: Dan’s friend Mikio Olin mentioned that he worked with a bassist named Tom Wilhelm at Ohio University. Tom has a great studio so Tom and Dan hit it off instantly, or so I’m told. Tom recruited me to play drums and guitarist/singer Dave Wooster was the last piece of the puzzle. Dan mostly yodels. That’s LEAVE CORP.

What kind of music are you guys creating together?

DD: Dave and I write the tunes, or at least the foundations for songs, and then the four of us craft the buttery goodness right into the musical DNA of each chanson. Our latest effort is one Dave penned, tentatively titled, “Using People for Fun and Profit”, it reeks of 80’s guitar goodness. I really like playing it.

Before that we wrote a short surf-inspired jingle for WEAK FM. Wonder if they’ll play it? I supposed we have to give it to them, first! We try to mix a cover or two into each set. At our next show on Friday, July 13th at Casa Nueva we’ll play a cover of “Pictures of Matchstick Men” and we always find a way to sneak in a little Herbie Hancock, usually in the middle of another song.

What are your influences?

BS: It’s a truism that musicians pride themselves in listening to everything and anything, but for this band that is certainly the case.  And the result is a diverse set list with influences ranging from Joe Walsh-style 80s rock, to Chick Corea-style Latin fusion, to Peter Tosh-style reggae, to Grateful Dead-style jam band. The finished product has continuity and a sound that we like to think of as our own, but it’s built on a lot of time sitting in front of the stereo listening.

Where did you get the name LEAVE CORP?

DD: We’re named after a highway sign. I figured a band name with lots of free signage and an available dot com couldn’t hurt. I’ve heard people say they don’t get the joke, but that’s okay. There’s not really anything to get. It’s just another name in a long line of half-baked band names.

For a taste of LEAVE CORP's sound, as well as Dan Dreifort’s music throughout the years, take a listen to the music clips at the top of this page.

LEAVE CORP will share the Casa Cantina stage on Friday, July 13th with Dune (Athens) and Hells Fire Sinners (Athens). Doors open at 10pm and admission is free.

For more information on LEAVE CORP, visit http://www.leavecorp.com/