Remaining Customers Without Power Mainly In SE Ohio

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UPDATE 12:16 p.m. Latest numbers from American Electric Power indicate only eight counties still have customers who remain without power.

According to the company's website, as of 10 a.m. about 10,000 customers of the original 660,000 knocked out by the June 29 storm are still without electricity.

A majority of the customers are in the Southeast Ohio region:

Athens County: 742 customers

Hocking County: 1,489 customers

Muskingum County: 1,834

Jackson County: 110

Guernsey County: 380

Washington County: 110

AEP says Franklin and Licking counties were two of the three hardest hit when violent winds ripped across the state 10 days ago.  As of 10 a.m., each had less than 1,000 customers without power.

Restoration maps show residents can expect power to be turned back on any time between Monday by midnight and Wednesday by midnight. 

Power is coming back to much of Ohio more than a week after violent storms hit the state June 29 and again July 4 and 5.

American Electric Power reports as of 8 p.m. Sunday, more than 98 percent of the 660,000 affected by the storms had regained power.
Approximately 14,000 AEP customers still do not have power, with the majority in Athens, Guernsey, Licking and Muskingum counties.
According to AEP 5,200 customers in the Athens, Lancaster and Wellston area are without electricity, while 8,000 in the Cambridge, Newark and Zanesville remain powerless.
The power company reports 600 workers are responding to the Newark are and 550 crews are working in the Athens area.
Meanwhile, the American Red Cross says it is closing shelters in Franklin, Muskingum and Fairfield as power returns to those areas.
It says shelters will remain open in Perry, Hocking, Licking and Guernsey counties as long as there's a need.