Hocking Co. Shelter Group Has Raised $20K

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A Hocking County group is continuing its fundraising efforts to open a homeless shelter in the county.

Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter Secretary Bob Majors says they have already raised $20,000, but they still need a lot to establish the shelter.

The group held a three-day yard sale that ended Saturday.

"People are donating items left and right. It’s really been a good time," Majors said. "They want to get involved in any way they can; they seemed to support us, so I think we’re gonna grow."

He says they are trying to get their name out there and get people aware of the fact that they do have homeless people here in Hocking County and they do need help.

Judy Cunningham says she has volunteered at a local food bank for six years and also helped with the yard sale.

"I've seen a few (homeless people) in the community, but I didn’t realize there were those many until I talked to the volunteers here," Cunningham said.

Majors says they have been looking at a number of places but when the shelter will open depends on the situation at hand.

"We got to deal with zoning, we got the state regulations regarding housing of homeless people. There is a constraint on the number of people you can have per building… We are looking at all these considerations, trying to make decision on what would be the best path to follow."

The organizers says they want to open by winter.