Mentality Matters

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Day four of Ohio Football Fall Camp is complete. The Bobcats are just 23 days away from the opener against Penn State.  

After numerous reps, the pieces and parts of both the offense and defense are starting to fit together. 

"Yeah [we are] feeling really good," quarterback Tyler Tettleton said. "We got the rust off from day one since we have been out here and it's looking a lot more crisp and guys are starting to start work a lot better and gel together."

"It's going pretty well," wide receiver Donte Foster said. "Just trying to get a little better everyday."
Fall camp has its own feeling, compared to spring ball and the regular season. Fall camp requires a different kind of mentality. While preseason practices are not quite as intense as the regular season, players say every rep still matters. 
"You know just coming together as a team and getting used to everybody that's going to be out on the field and just getting the chemistry down," Tettleton said. "That's the biggest thing here in the fall camp."
"In fall we are just trying to progress and get better," Foster said. "That's just how it goes."
Fall camp is also a chance for the younger players and those filling in roles of the graduating seniors left a chance to put together the pieces. 
"We want to come out here and get all of our install in and get the young guys learning all the offense, get them out here, and get the reps and everything," Tettleton said. 
"We are in a hurry up offense so they have to learn the signals as well as the plays," Foster said. "I feel like they are getting better."
21 more fall camp practices remain, meaning 21 more chances to get everything just right before the trip to State College. 
"Looking forward to the first game September 1st," Foster said. "As long as we keep it going I think we should be in good shape."