Feral Swine Problems In Ohio

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Ohio has a pig problem.

Yes, that's right – a pig problem.

A wild pig problem.     

Craig Hicks is a Wildlife Disease Biologist and he's the go-to guy in Ohio regarding feral swine
Hicks is not able to say how many wild pigs are out there and refuses to guess.

Hicks is with the U. S. Department of Agriculture, based in the Columbus area.

When he goes on pig patrol, he mostly comes here to Southeast Ohio.

An Ohio Department of Natural Resources map shows these feral swine living in Washington and Gallia counties and present in large areas in Vinton County and where Guernsey, Belmont, Noble and Monroe counties come together.

Hicks says disease and crop damage are his main concerns.

Hicks used to be satisfied with keeping disease in check but recently has upped the ante, making eradication more of a priority.

There's talk that some of the feral swine are really, really big.

Hicks says that's probably exaggerated.

Are feral swine dangerous?

No, says Hicks.