Fairfield Co.Fair Takes Steps To Protect Against Swine Flu

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The Fairfield County Fair is taking extra steps this year to warn visitors about swine flu.

The precautions come just days after an Ohio woman died after coming in contact with a pig at the Ross County fair.

Fair manager, Jim Marcinko, says that each week the fair board is in touch with Ohio Department of Agriculture state veterinarian, Dr. Tony Forshey.

Dr. Forshey has been suggesting the increase of signs and warnings posted around the swine exhibits.

According to Marcinko, local vets will be checking the swine for sickness as they are brought into the fair.

If a swine has a temperature above 105 degrees they will be quarantined or sent back home.

Marcinko says there are multiple precautions to take while at the fair.

"If you're in the barn, take and use hand sanitizer. We're going to have more of those at the door. If you do have direct contact with swine before you go into your own swine barn, change clothes and take a shower, that way you won't have a chance of transferring anything; but don't eat in there and all that kind of stuff," says Marcinko.

The at-risk group including infants, pregnant women, older citizens and people with weakened immune systems should take extra precautions around the swine barns.