Athens Fair Upgrading Recycling Services

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The Athens County Fair is taking steps to become more environmentally friendly.

“We want to be a good neighbor,” said Athens Fair Board member Paula Carpenter.

The board will be expanding recycling services for this year’s fair.

Athens County Fair Board member Amber Brown said that in addition to the small recycle bins that have been utilized over the past several years, a large recycling container will be placed near the beef barn for all recyclable materials to be place in.

Carpenter added that there is a large amount of waste produced during the fair, much of which could likely be recycled instead of placed in a landfill.

The goal is to lower the trash and waste output from the annual event.

Brown noted that when looking at the fair’s trash service provider this year the organization sought bids and was able to receive a reasonable price from Athens-Hocking Recycling, which will also provide recycling services.

“We are trying to save on resources,” said Brown.

Another way the fair board is working to save resources is through the placement of two large fans at the swine barn. These fans will replace the individual fans often brought by each exhibitor in order to keep their animal cool.

“This will improve the circulation while lowering the electrical consumption,” said Brown. It will also lower the temperature in the barn.

Carpenter estimated that the fans cost $8,000 each. Donations are still being accepted for fan blade sponsors according to Carpenter.

A notice posted on the Athens County Fair website reads, no fans will be allowed in the Swine Barn for the 2014 Athens County Fair. The fair board has installed two large ventilation fans the same size as the one in the Swine Arena. These fans will take the place of all of the personal fans, move the air much quicker and more efficiently. No personal fans will be allowed in the swine barn and will be removed by the board.