Attempted Abduction In Hocking County

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A 16-year-old girl living in Hocking County was almost abducted this morning at around 6:20 while waiting for her bus at Laurel Run Road.

Sheriff Lanny North says the attempted abductor was an older man with white hair and a white beard who was driving a red Geo Metro.

The man insisted that the girl had missed her bus and said that he would drive her to school.

The girl responded that she had not missed her bus and that she was going back into her house to call the police.

Assistant Principal Josh Straus of Logan High School posted this morning on the district's website the description of the suspect along with some stranger-danger tips.

Principal Jim Robinson said the administration had sent out a phone alert to parents warning them of the incident, and the alert was in circulation before the Elementary School children were in route to school.

The suspect is still at large and the Hocking County Sheriffs Office is asking that anyone with knowledge of the suspect or any other information to call them.