Wayne Nat’l Report Calls For No Add’l Fracking Analysis

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There is no need for further environmental analysis of possible fracking.

That's the announcement Monday from the Wayne National Forest.
Forest Supervisor Anne Carey signed a report that concludes that "at this time, there is no need to correct or amend the 2006 (Forest Plan) in order to address the surface impacts of horizontal drilling for oil or natural gas" in the Forest.
The report also says "nor is there a need to supplement the Environmental Impact Statement that was prepared for the Forest Plan."
Carey says she reviewed new information and believes "that the existing Forest Plan…is adequate to address the surface effects anticipated from the potential development of horizontal wells."
Carey's action clears the way for drilling development by companies who want to bid on drilling rights.
The federal Bureau of Land Management had found that it is economically feasible for deep well horizontal drilling using high volume hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking.
Monday's report also "explains that through 2016 that there is the potential for 13 high volume horizontal drilling well sites to be developed on the Wayne National Forest."
Ten of the 13 are in the Marietta Unit of the Forest and the other three are in the Athens unit.
A Wayne news release says "Oil and natural gas development is an important component of the nation's energy portfolio"…and "The responsibility of the U.S. Forest Service is to safely and responsively develop these resources."