WV Red Cross Volunteers Help Isaac Victims

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It's been almost a week since Isaac pounded the Gulf Coast, and Red Cross volunteers are still down south helping those devastated by the storm.

Mike and Carol Kesterson are Parkersburg Red Cross volunteers.

They're in Moss Point, Mississippi handing out supplies and equipment to people in need.

They've been there for four days and say they'll stay there until the Red Cross tells them their help isn't needed anymore.

"We've been passing out some clean-up kits and heater meals and breathing masks and such just trying to help the people that are in need down here that have water in their homes or still have water in their homes. The flood waters here haven't completely receded yet," said Mike Kesterson.

Kesterson says he's volunteered for the Red Cross for over eight years. He's seen a lot of natural destruction in his life, but hurricanes and flooding always seem to be the worst.