Belmont County Hospital Receives State Grant

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A small rural hospital was awarded a large State Appalachian Development Grant to help update operations.

Barnesville Hospital in Belmont County will be granted $119,000 to purchase new clinical equipment.

Hospital's Director of Development Jan Chambers says she is looking forward to the changes.

"Grants like this can really make a difference in rural communities so we are really grateful to the Governor's office of Appalachia for this funding," says Jan Chambers.

Chambers says this grant will help provide the hospital with three main necessary pieces of equipment: beds for the critical care unit, a piece of equipment specifically for cardiac surgery, and a portable X-ray machine.

"We live in a rural area and it tends to have more elderly, so if we can offer a service like that here at our hospital it means that people don't have to drive to the next closest hospital, which could be up to an hour away, to have the same surgery; so it's a great service for us to be able to provide locally," says Chambers.

The hospital serves five Southeast Ohio counties: Belmont, Harrison, Guernsey, Monroe, and Noble.