Philo, New Lexington Striving For Better Performance

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After the first week of MVL action, the Philo Electrics and New Lexington Panthers are going in opposite directions.  Last week, the Electrics overcame a 13-0 halftime deficit to defeat their rival, the Crooksville Ceramics, 14-13. 

The news wasn’t as cheerful for the Panthers.  New Lexington struggled to stop John Glenn on the ground and dropped their MVL opener 30-9. 

For two teams seeming to be going different ways, head coaches Bill Nutt (New Lexington) and Dirk Lincicome (Philo) have the same simple message to their respective teams: execute better.

The Electrics have been impressive early, especially when it comes to defense, only allowing 12 and 13 points in their first two games.  Coach Lincicome feels the excitement in Duncan Falls, but he knows his team has to play more than 24 minutes to beat New Lexington and continue their perfect season.

“We cannot afford to come out flat,” Lincicome says. “You can’t make a living only playing in the second half. We had a reality check that we cannot show up and expect to win just because we think we have better personnel.”

In New Lexington, the situation is a little more dire after falling to John Glenn last week. The Panthers allowed 291 rushing yards to the Muskies.  If New Lexington wants to get their first MVL win Friday, they will have to become stronger in the trenches.  New Lex coach Bill Nutt knows that task is easier said than done against the Electrics.

“They’re going to run right at us,” Nutt says.  “When they don’t, they have a very quick quarterback [Zach Sheridan] that can get to the edge.  The can attack up the middle and the edge.”

The Electrics defense was stout last Friday night, especially in the second half.  They stifled the Crooksville offense for -2 yards in the second frame.  On the other hand, the Panther offense will have to take advantage of opportunities when presented.; something they struggled with in week two.

“We took turns making mistakes,” Nutt says. “We would have a receiver open and we couldn’t find him.  Then we would find the open receiver and the pass would be dropped.”

Both teams are looking to just execute their game plan.  Whoever can do this, as well as their perspective job, will come out Friday as the winner.  Lincicome says it best describing his team.

“If we execute our game plan, we can be a very good team.”