Vice President Joe Biden’s Visit Brings Attention to Downticket Votes

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Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Athens Saturday drew attention to more than just the federal executive branch of government.

The audience of 675, who gathered in the Athens Community Center to hear Biden speak, also cheered on Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown and former governor of Ohio Ted Strickland, who both made speeches preceding Biden’s.

McGee Brown of the democratic party encouraged audience members to keep state and local government in mind while voting, and to pay attention to the entire ticket.

Currently running for reelection to the Ohio Supreme Court, McGee Brown asked voters to, “Vote Brown all the way down”.

She said Biden’s presence was a great way to bring attention to lower branches of government during the election.

State Representative Debbie Phillips was also present, and said that the opportunity for McGee Brown to address Biden’s large audience reminds voters not to forget to focus on the bottom of the ticket.

“I think that a lot of times people get very excited about the top of the ticket they don’t necessarily look at or know everyone else that’s running. So, having her here helps people feel familiar and comfortable with casting that vote," said Phillips.