New Third-Grade Reading Standards for Ohio Students

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Ohio's third graders will soon have to meet new third-grade reading requirements in order to move on to the fourth grade.

The "Third Grade Guarantee" was approved two years ago by state legislature, and these standards are set to be enforced in the beginning of next year.
However, Gallia County school leaders says they have been applying these standards for a long time.
"Kids are expected to make reading level at the end of kindergarten, at the end of first grade, second grade, and, true, third grade is high stakes. But it's high stakes for everyone if a child can't read," says Superintendent of Gallia Local Schools Dr. Charla Evans.
Vinton Elementary School is just one of the school systems that has set these standards for their third-graders.
Governor John Kasich visited the Vinton school Wednesday.
The governor said it is an example of a school pushing for achievement, in a tough environment where both the school and their parents don't have a lot of money.
"One of the worst things we can introduce into our language is the fact that you're poor, you can't be something. It's just dead wrong. This is a school that's just, they see these challenges as great opportunities. They are just fantastic people," said Governor Kasich.
Across the state, there are concerns that many third-graders might not meet the newly required standards to move on to fourth grade.