Athens Co. Commissioners Propose City Partnership For Sewer Extension

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Athens City Council members says they need more time to discuss the county commissioners' plans for a sewer system extension.

The complete project will cost about $21 million.
Council members discussed the plans at their meeting Monday night, after hearing from the commissioners and engineering consultant Jennifer Frommer.
The commissioners' proposal includes connecting a sewer line from the US Route 50 corridor to the city of Athens' system.
The proposed area runs from the city to the intersection of Radford Road and US 50 and back to the city again.
Athens County Commissioner Larry Payne says in the long run, the project will save citizens money, protect scarce quantities of fresh water in the area, and help improve citizens' health. 
"The main reason is the quality of life of our residents. If that area gets where the systems are failing, you will have sewage, health issues, and possibly health problems," says Payne.
Payne says the additional cost per resident will be $45 to $55 per month.
Commissioners want to begin the project before the EPA mandates local governments to combine resources to make an interconnected waste management system. 
Payne says once construction begins on the project, it will take about two years to complete. 
According to a consultant working with commissioners, the project was originally proposed in 1997 and was estimated to cost $6 million at that time. 
Numbers presented to city council members projected the sewer extension could serve nearly 1,350 users, with growth of as many as 1,700 users in 2030.
Council members opted to continue discussing the project during next week's planning and development committee meeting.