New Anti-Fracking Group Takes Different Approach

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There's a new group in southeast Ohio fighting against hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the state called Appalachia Resist!

Nate Ebert, a spokesperson for Appalachia Resist!, says the goal of the group is putting an end to what he considers the acceptance of toxic fracking waste from out of state.
Ebert says the group is taking action differently by going to the courts and making organized public community statements.
"We're taking an approach of community organizing and direct action to bring an end to injection wells," said Ebert.
He says he believes the poisoning of water tables in Athens County is a fear if the dumping of fracking waste in the area doesn't stop.
Proponents of fracking say the process is regulated and the financial benefits of an energy boom could help the region's economy.
Ebert says he doesn't think the benefits outweight the possible risks.
"I would say you can look at various places where these practices have been happening, in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and northern Ohio and look at the skyrocketing cancer rates and the number of stillborn in livestock and there's evidence right there," said Ebert.
The group formed just about a month ago in the wake of activist Madeline ffitch chaining herself to concrete-filled barrels near an Athens County waste disposal well.
ffitch was later charged with inducing panic.
Appalachia Resist! will host their next rally on October 3 outside the Athens Courthouse at 2:30 p.m. to challenge the government to end injection wells.