Option of Discontinuing Landline Service

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Five phone companies in Ohio could have the option of discontinuing landline service.

Yesterday nine consumer advocacy groups met in the Statehouse to speak out against a bill that would end the guarantee of landline phone service for Ohioans.

Senator Frank LaRose says infrastructure money should be put towards broadband services.

"It doesn't make sense to have a turn-of-the-last century regulation in place that requires the phone company to invest in antiquated technology that many people are choosing not to use anyway. What this is about is making sure that those limited infrastructure dollars are invested in getting broadband service to every Ohioan," says LaRose.

But, the coalition says most people don't support the new bill.

United Seniors of Athens County member Mike Turner says most southeastern Ohio counties don't have good cell reception.

"They want to cherry pick and not really serve those people that have the greatest need 'cause it's gonna affect senior citizens, rural folks and those low-income people in areas where it's not covered. And it's not just Athens or the Appalachian counties. Just go one county east in Licking County, and you'll find a lot of people that don't have cell coverage and have no other options," says Turner.

The sponsor of the bill says it would most likely affect people moving into new housing developments.