Ohio Landline Phone Bill Still On Hold

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Some Athens residents are concerned about the possibility of being denied landline phone service in Ohio.

With cell reception spotty in some parts of the county, some residents are concerned for safety reasons.

The Executive Director of United Seniors of Athens County Mike Turner is against the bill.

Turner said that so many people rely on the service.

"Many people do not have cell coverage anywhere and they do not have cable coverage," said Turner. "So really all they have is those two little wires, so if the time would come when it wouldn't be cost effective for these companies to provide that service they would just be left out without any kind of communication system."

Turner said he understands that reducing landlines can be cost effective but he wants companies to wait until technology has caught up.

According to Turner, senior citizens use the landlines to check their pacemakers and there is yet to be a cell phone app for that.

The Ohio Senate voted in favor of Senate Bill 271 in February.  The House was set to vote in November but still hasn't voted.