Issue 2 Group Grades Husted

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Ohio's chief elections official got an informal "performance review" Monday from a group that has butted heads with the Republican over the redistricting proposal on the ballot.


It was no surprise Secretary of State Jon Husted got straight F's in the report card unveiled by Voters First.


That's the group behind Issue 2, the constitutional amendment that backers claim would take partisan politics out of the process for drawing congressional and legislative districts.


Most Democrats support Issue 2, and Secretary Husted is a Republican who opposes it.


On Sept. 13, the chief elections official called a meeting of the Ballot Board after the Ohio Supreme Court ordered the group to come up with a new description of Issue 2.


And again, supporters of the redistricting proposal were unhappy with the ballot language the Board approved.


"The Republican-dominated Supreme Court ordered Husted to try again on Issue 2," said Deidra Reese of the Ohio Unity Coalition. "In other words, they rejected his first homework and gave him a chance for make-up. Well, he failed again to make the issue clear and understandable to voters. Once again, he's received an F."


Matt McClellan speaks for the Secretary of State.


He says the process of running the election is off to a great start and Ohio has received high marks from nonpartisan groups.


"Common Cause, Rutgers University Law School and Verified Voting Foundation rated Ohio as one of the top six states in the nation for elections preparedness," McClellan said. "The Military Voter Protection has named us an All-Star State."


McClellan says with so many things going smoothly this election cycle, Voters First decided it was time to manufacture a problem.