Report Examines Use Of Federal Tax Dollars In Athens County

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A popular topic recently in the presidential campaign is how federal tax dollars are being spent. 

Athens County Job and Family Services released a report last week looking at how that money is spent in parts of Central and Southeast Ohio. 
Jack Frech, Job and Family Services director, says the report is especially important during this election season.
"Basically, we thought particularly at this time when there's a considerable amount of political discussion going on and people are making decisions about which candidate to support and what issues are important to them," said Frech.
Frech says it is necessary to look at the Appalachian area because it tends to be an extremely poor area.
He says a main focus of the report is on food and health care assistance
"Well, obviously those are two very important services for people. People have to have health care, and people have to have food. In those areas, health care's a good example. It's not just the dollar amounts that's coming in to help low income families but to support the actual infrastructure for health care in our communities," said Frech.
The report focuses on resident tax dollars and federal funds, as well as government worker count.