College Dems Organize Second Obama Ticket Giveaway

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Ohio University students and staff who Sunday missed their chance to get tickets to see the president this coming week have an opportunity Monday.

OU College Democrats opened up an additional distribution of tickets at 10 a.m. at Baker Center for President Barack Obama's upcoming Wednesday visit to campus.

Organizers first distributed tickets on Sunday and drew a line at one location that stretched nearly a half a mile at one point.

Students and faculty in line for the second availability expressed relief that they were able to get tickets for President Obama's campaign stop.

Tickets were given out one per person.

"I was excited I was able to get a ticket; I had given up on being able to go," said Kathy White, who works in the Honors Tutorial College. "I just wish I could get one for my son, who's in high school. It would just be a real great educational experience for him, but I understand."

Most simply were unable to attend Sunday's availability and were happy to be in line today, like Adam Philips, a political science graduate student.

“Oh, yeah, absolutely. Any chance to see the president, it should be extended to all students and if some students can't be hereon Sunday they should do stuff like this,” said Philips.

"I wish that I could have gone because yesterday was a lot more fun because it was the first day. I just wanted to get a ticket, it didn't matter when, because I've seen him speak before at OSU and it was amazing," said Alessa Rose, an OU freshman.

Philips questioned whether it was fair that some people waited several hours yesterday, while people in line today had relatively little trouble getting a ticket.

“It does seem a little unfair, but in the end, as long as you're extending opportunities to all students to get tickets, I think that's the most important thing,” said Philips.

The gates will open at 3:00PM this Wednesday on College Green for the event.

Tickets were also available at the Obama For America office on Court Street on Monday with little to no line, compared to Sunday's turnout.