Mental Health And Recovery Services seeking Tax Levy Renewal

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Muskingum county Mental Health and Recovery Services Board  is seeking  a renewal of the one mill tax levy.

The new levy will be run for 10 years and it has been effect since 1987.

“It is same as the one in place expect the old one was for five years,” says Raymond Bishoff, the director of marketing of Six County, Inc.

The millage will bring in approximate $1,183,978 each year for 10 years, according to Bishoff.

Bishoff thinks the tax levy is the way to generate public support.

“It is a renewal for based on $100,000 home. It is about 5cents a day for home owners. They support this levy for over 35 years,” says Bishoff.

Only Muskingum County residents are served by Muskingum County levy revenue.