Athens City Schools Looking For Levy Renewal With Increase

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The Athens City School District has a renewal levy with an increase on the ballot next week that includes emergency requirements.

This levy was passed in 2004 and renewed in 2008.

Now it's back for a five-year renewal.

Athens City Schools Superintendent Carl Martin says the levy will provide $3.7 million a year in general operating funds.

“The renewal levy make up 13 percent general fund budget with the general fund budget, we pay the normal day-to-day operate expense. So, it is very important piece of our funding at this point of time,” said Martin.

Martin says if the levy should be defeated it would have a negative effect on children's education in the school district.

“We have significant cuts in personnel. We have done a lot to become a lot more efficient scenario. We certainly closed the elementary school last year and combined some operations. To deal with the loss of 13 percent of budget will be significant for the board to look at and consider how they are going to deal with that,” said Martin.

While the board is asking for an increase, the cost to a homeowner with a $100,000 home will decrease 26 cents per month.