Native American Artifacts On Display In Coshocton Co.

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Hundreds of Native American artifacts found near Coshocton County are now on display as part of a museum exhibit.    

The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum opened its doors to a large crowd Saturday for the Traces of Time, Traces of Glory: Native American Pre-Historic Tools & Points.

The exhibit highlights Native American tools including blades, drills and axes.

Museum spokeswoman Patti Malenke says many of the artifacts were found by local residents.

“Many folks pick up artifacts off their farms or go into the field and look for them. There's been people that said to us, 'hey, there's so much here why don't you do something where more of the local people can bring their pieces in and show what they've found',” said Malenke.

The museum is sponsoring two events in connection to the exhibit.

Dr. Bradley Lepper the Ohio Historical Society's curator of Archaeology, will speak about Ohio's prehistory on November 5.

The second event allows members of public to bring in their own artifacts for identification by Bill Pickard, an assistant curator and collections specialist with the Ohio Historical Society.

That takes place November 17.

The museum's exhibit is expected to run until December 30.