Cemetery History Focus Of Weekend Tour

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The third annual Tombstone Travels festival this Saturday will bring the history of Logan to life in the town's oldest cemetery.

One of the storytellers, Rick Webb assumes the character of an old oak tree who has seen more than 600 years of Logan's history.

"I remember years ago, down in the valley, the strangest thing happened. They built a river.  Imagine that! A river. And they called it the canal. Well, the canal went through the cemetary, so one day, they closed all of the shops, all of the people dug up the remains of their loved ones and brought them up to my hill, overlooking the valley, and now, their spirits are my friends, too," said Webb, embodying the character of the tree.

Webb says the first pioneers that came to Logan are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, which gives the cemetery and town its unique story.

Other storytellers personating Logan historical figures will also be at the festival, including the first mayor, the first post-master, female post-master and librarian.