Paul Ryan Rallies Crowd in Zanesville

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The Republican Party was out in full force Saturday morning as Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan made a stop at Zanesville High School as part of his "Victory in Ohio" bus tour.

An estimated crowd of 500 people gathered inside a high school gymnasium to watch Ryan, local and state officials deliver campaign speeches.

Ohio's Republican Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor were among a few who warmed up the crowd before welcoming Ryan to the stage.  

Taylor encouraged the crowd to vote early and had a strong message for President Barack Obama.

"President Obama comes into Ohio and he's taking credit….He says he's responsible for Ohio's turnaround and comeback….No you're not," she said. 

Taylor attributed her and Kasich's work at balancing the budget, cutting taxes and creating more jobs in Ohio as the real reason for the turnaround.

Kasich addressed the young people in the crowd and made an appeal for their future.

"We don't have the right to make them pay for the rest of their lives for the fact that we couldn't get our spending under control. It would be no different than ringing up credit card bills and then just passing them on to our kids. We wouldn't do that, so why do we let the government do this?" Kasich said.

As he introduced Ryan, his wife Janna and three children to the stage, Kasich likened Ryan to a historical figure.

"I've been referring to Paul Ryan as the Paul Revere of the next generation, " said Kasich. "I've know Paul Ryan for a long, long time."

Ryan began his speech with light humor, nearly confusing the city of Zanesville with his hometown of Janesville. 

He was quick to attack Obama before getting into the heart of his speech. 

"Remember when he said he'd bring people to solve the country's biggest problems? This is the third president I've served with. It's the most partisan atmosphere I've ever seen," Ryan said. "Hope and change has become anger and frustration, divide and conquer."

The economy and the nation's deficit were consistent themes throughout the address. 

"Today's deficits are nothing more than tomorrow's tax increase," he said. "Every generation has always fixed its problems so that its kids and grandkids are better off. This is that moment for us to do that."

With ten days left until the election, Ryan closed his speech by reassuring the crowd that his running mate is more than ready to lead the nation if elected.

"As we look at the closing argument, we're talking about the kind of leadership that Mitt Romney has provided throughout his life, running at problems to solve problems. Of all things we know about Mitt Romney, leadership comes to mind," said Ryan. 

The stop in Zanesville was only the second of many for Ryan this weekend, as he traveled across the state on his bus tour.

He stopped in New Philadelphia, Circleville, Yellow Springs and Dayton on Saturday, and continued the Ohio tour with Romney on Sunday in Celina.