Frank Solich Weekly Press Conference: “We’re Horrible at Running the Option”

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Two days after suffering a heartbreaking last minute loss to Miami (OH), head coach Frank Solich spoke to the media in his weekly press conference.

The Bobcats allowed a season-high six sacks against the RedHawks, including on the final play of the game.

"We had a couple breakdowns…we scrambled a time or two when we really didn't have to. Sometimes you're ready to jump at your lineman for sacks and half the time you're right on that, but in this case there was a combination of things."

Solich talked about the Bobcats running game, which has been among the best in the country all season long. He said defenses are loading up to try and stop Beau Blankenship, the nation's 10th leading rusher with 1025 yards, and Ryan Boykin, who is averaging 6.3 yards per carry. 

"What we need to do is get another dimension going for us in terms of carrying the football. When you're running a one-back (system), then that other dimension has got to be the quarterback. We've got to get more production there. Maybe running more read-type plays, more quarterback designed runs because right now they're zeroing in on our running back. We're horrible at running the option right now. That's got to improve and all of those things will help the inside running game." 

The Bobcats will surely lean on the run Thursday evening against an Eastern Michigan defense that has allowed 302 yards per game on the ground, easily the worst in the nation.

"I'm big on statistics but I know what those statistics mean when the ball is kicked off; generally absolutely nothing. The weather is going to be a factor in the game…both teams are going to need to produce a running game."

Solich was also asked about how quarterback Tyler Tettleton and the rest of the team is responding to Saturday's difficult loss.

"Tyler's fine, he's ready to go. The team is excited actually to move forward…they want to get back to winning."

Solich added that Saturday's last-second loss was one of the worst he's experienced in 47 years of coaching.

"That's up there very high, that was tough."

The Bobcats must bounce back quickly when they welcome the Eagles to Peden Stadium on Thursday to continue a stretch of three games in 12 days. 

"We've been here before…we know the challenges and hopefully we'll have the team ready to go through this stretch."