Meigs Co. Native Weathers Sandy’s Storm In NYC

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As recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy are beginning in New York City, one Ohio University student and current Manhattan resident recounts her experience with the superstorm.

Morgan Lentes is a Meigs County native living in New York during a semester-long internship at NBC's Today Show.

Lentes says the storm has significantly slowed down the pace of life in the big city.

“Living in Manhattan, you would think that it would take a lot more than a little rain or wind to bring a city to a halt, but Hurricane Sandy definitely brought this city to a standstill. And being from a small town, it was interesting to see that even a big city like New York could be so affected by adverse weather conditions,” said Lentes.

Lentes says New York emergency management officials were extremely efficient in preparing for the storm.

However, she also says the constant presence of emergency vehicles and the emptiness of the city has created a spooky atmosphere.

“It’s eerie, for sure. There were almost no cars on the street, maybe one or two taxis or emergency vehicles.  I can tell you after having lived here for just a few months; I know that at 11 a.m. on a Monday morning, the street should be jam-packed with traffic. Having almost no cars on the road just let you know that it was not going to be a normal morning in Manhattan,” said Lentes.

Lentes reports that she is not among the over 8 million east coast residents who lost power or water due to the storm.