Join Us in Covering Tuesday’s Election

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Covering major news events such as big storms or elections used to be one-sided. News organizations such as WOUB gathered the news, packaged it, and then delivered it to you by television or radio only.

But, times have changed. News is no longer a monologue. It is no longer one dimensional.

It is now a dialogue between the media and the news consumer. It is a conversation involving traditional television and radio and also online sources and multiple forms of social media. It also is mobile — news where you want it and how you want it.

Covering major news events is now the result of collaborations between our audience and our reporters, writers, and editors.

With that said, we have a major news event heading our way on Tuesday, November 6. It is Election Day and not only will we be electing the president of the United States, but dozens of state, regional and local candidates will be selected and local and statewide issues will be decided.

To give you the best Election Night coverage possible, we will need your help. We want you to be part of our news conversation.

We want to hear from you about your experiences in voting; your feelings about the process and the outcomes; and your on-the-scene observations. We want you to help us report and to send us pictures or videos to share with our wider audience.

WOUB touches 55 different counties in three states: Ohio, West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky and we want everyone represented in the conversation. That is where you can help us and your fellow news consumers. Give us your reports from your area. You can do it by email or Twitter.

Please send your emails, videos or pictures to me and I will get them to our newsroom to be posted on our elections website.

You can email them to hodson@ohio.edu or you can tweet them to me at my Twitter account @thodson.

Let’s join together to give our region the best ever election coverage