Dems Sweep Athens County Races

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Unofficial results for Athens County candidate races show Democrat Charlie Adkins beat incumbent Republican Larry Payne in his county commissioner race by more than 3,100 votes, as the Democratic party swept the local election.

Adkins garnered 57 percent of the vote.

He held a steady lead over Payne all night which continued to grow as votes were counted. 

In the hotly-contested race for sheriff, Republican Steve Kane fell behind incumbent Democrat Pat Kelly by more than 4,200 votes.

Kelly led the race throughout the evening, and ended with 59 percent of the votes. These two have run against each other in the past, resulting in a similar outcome. 

Democrat Chris Chmiel led his county commissioner race over Republican Randy Mace by more than 6,100 votes, recieving 64 percent of votes.

Chmiel also started strong and about half of the night held more than twice the number of votes of Mace. 

The largest margin of the night was in the treasurer's race. Democrat Bill Bias held a strong lead throughout the night and bested Libertarian Abe Alassaf by just more than 11,000 votes. Bias earns 75 percent of the votes.

Each winning candidate gained an early lead and maintained that lead throughout election tallies.