The Supersuckers
The Supersuckers

“Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band In The World” Coming To Marietta

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The Supersuckers–the self-proclaimed “greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world”–are poised to take The Adelphia Music Hall by storm with the help of Athens surf-rock stalwarts The D-Rays on Monday, Nov. 19.

The Seattle-based group, which includes Eddie Spaghetti on bass guitar and vocals, “Metal” Marty Chandler and Dan “Thunder” Bolton on guitars and Christopher “Chango” Von Streicher on drums, has been peddling its brand of rowdy cowpunk since 1988.

Somewhat of an anomaly in the early 90s Seattle grunge scene, the band nevertheless ended up recording for the venerable Sub Pop label. The record deal was sealed after one of the band’s shows, according to The Supersuckers’ Facebook page (“We said, ‘Buy us some beer and you got a deal!'”).

Road warriors for over 20 years, the band has toured with the likes of The Ramones, Motorhead, Pearl Jam and even backed up Willie Nelson on The Tonight Show.

Although their music has appeared on such TV shows as Beverly Hills 90210 and MTV’s The Real World, the band is mostly known for their live performances.

“Their live shows are experiences that rock fans feel underneath their jeans,” said Adelphia Booking Manager Todd Burge. “They live between country and dark hard rock places.”

Athens’ D-Rays are opening Monday’s show and excited to share the stage with their music heroes, according to bassist Missy Pence.

“We’ve caught [The Supersuckers] many times on previous tours, but always had to make the drive to Columbus to do so,” she said. “When I noticed on their current tour that they’d be swinging through Southeast Ohio, I immediately shot Todd Burge a message volunteering us to be the opening act.”

This will be the third time The D-Rays have played at The Adelphia. They’re big fans of the venue– so much so that they rented a local bus to transport their audience to Marietta.

“The Adelphia is a very nice venue, certainly not like the dive bars we often play–and love,” added Pence. “We really just wanted an easy way to get as many Athens folks to the show as possible, allow them to be as raucous as they want and get them home safely and worry-free. We basically just hired one designated driver for the 55 of us.”

The D-Rays, who are currently recording their full-length debut, have another unique venue lined up for Dec. 1: Rollerbowl Lanes in Athens, which will host a fundraiser for the Nelsonville Music Festival.

Monday’s show time is 8 p.m. Visit for tickets and information.