Fed Hock Resumes Climb To Top

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The Federal Hocking Lancers return for the 2012-2013 season to take care of business. The Lancers have a lot of experienced veteran players coming back this year. With the guidance of head coach Howie Caldwell the team looks to improve on their 12-8 record they ended with last year.

Though their 12-8 record isn’t one the Lancers were disappointed with, it is still not one they want to settle with. Coach Caldwell knows the boys can do much better with familiar leadership and teamwork.
“We have a good ball club returning this year,” Caldwell said. “We are going to work harder than everyone else and that’s how we will succeed.”
Among the experienced group, junior point guard Shaun Parsons is back and ready to take the role of quarterback on his team. Shaun provided 63 rebounds and 30 steals to his team last year alone. He also led the Lancers in assists and charges taken. He is an extremely well-rounded player that Caldwell is excited to have back.
Parsons isn’t the only one pulling his weight for Federal Hocking. Forward Max Carney and guard Delbert Crum are right behind Parsons in statistics and experience. This trio could be exactly what the Lancers need to excel this year.
This will be Caldwell’s second season with the Lancers. Coming from Eastern High School, he brought a new attitude to this Federal Hocking basketball team. He puts an emphasis on hustle and hard work. Even if the Lancers aren’t the most talented basketball team in the TVC-Hocking conference, they certainly are putting in the work that will get them to the next level. 
The Lancers are looking to force turnovers and be scrappy defensively. They have carried over their spunky attitudes and aggressive competitive edge to the 2012-2013 season. Only time will tell what is ahead for this Federal Hocking basketball team.