Venomous Snake Endangered In Ohio

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The Hocking Woods Nature Center is working to preserve endangered species found in Ohio, including the Eastern Timber rattlesnake.

It is one of three venomous snakes found in Ohio.

Dave Sagan, the Director of The Hocking Woods Nature Center at Hocking College, said this species of rattlesnake is slow to mature and reproduce.

Females can even take a year or two off in between breeding cycles.

Sagan said fear and a lack of knowledge contribute to the destruction of the snakes habitat and the unwarranted killing of the reptiles.

"A lot of people are very afraid of these animals and will basically kill any snake on sight," said Sagan."Put very simply, there's no reason to do that."

Sagan said rattlesnakes give you ample warning before they attack making it possible to avoid the dangerous reptile.

"You have to be pretty daft to get bit by a rattlesnake,"  he said.  "They give you ample time at an ample distance, and if you don't heed that warning then they become dangerous because they are very quick."

Eastern Timber Rattlesnakes are mostly found near the Shaunee State Forest in southern Ohio.