Python Found Under Trailer Of Former Owner

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The story of a snake at-large ended where the saga began.

A ball python that was reportedly released by its owner from a trailer in Sand Stone Terrace Trailer Park was found by a Hocking College instructor Thursday morning.

“It was under the trailer so I had to contend with cobwebs, mud and kittens to get to it,” said Dave Sagan, the man who found the snake and is also director of the Hocking Woods Nature Center.

Sagan said he went out because it was cooler Thursday morning, and decided to talk with the owner of the residence.

After some confusion about the release location was sorted out, Sagan looked underneath the trailer and spotted the nose of the python in the insulation of the residence.

“It just let me pick it up and it didn’t have any defensive reaction whatsoever,” Sagan said.

The male snake was about a foot smaller than it was reported to be when Athens County sheriff’s deputies were told it had been released. The snake is actually about three feet long and is being kept at the college’s nature center.

“He seems alert, doesn’t seem to have any parasites,” Sagan said.

The snake reportedly does not have a name, according to Sagan, and as far as giving it a new home, Sagan said he is going to allow law enforcement to decide where the snake will be housed.

Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly said the woman who released the snake will likely not face any charges.

“We don’t anticipate filing any charges because the snake never left the property,” Kelly said.

He also said if the owners want the snake back, they have a right to take it back.