Logan Residents Could Face Drug Charges

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LOGAN — Charges are headed to a future session of a Hocking County Grand Jury for three residences reportedly found to have marijuana inside them on Thursday.

Deputies from the Hocking County Sheriff’s Interdiction Unit received information about marijuana being grown at a residence on Greasy Ridge Road. When deputies arrived, they saw two marijuana plants growing behind the trailer.

One of the owners of the trailer met deputies at the front door. Deputies than found another man trying to hide $125 in his wallet. The man later told deputies he got the money selling marijuana.

The deputies were reportedly given consent to search the home and found marijuana drying on the kitchen table, a pill grinder with two pills inside and two straws sitting on a glass plate. The woman inside the residence told deputies the pills were Percocet that she bought from someone in Haydenville.

Deputies also found a brown paper bag with marijuana inside a dresser and 9 mm handgun hidden under a pillow. The gun was found in the trailer owner’s bedroom and the man also told deputies he is a convicted felon.

The three suspects have not yet been charged, but the case is reportedly headed to a grand jury for possible indictment.

The owner of the trailer could face charges of cultivation of marijuana, trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs and having weapons under a disability. The woman, his wife, could be charged with cultivation of marijuana, trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs.

The third man could be charged with trafficking in drugs.