Ohio EPA Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating its 40th anniversary and it is looking back on its accomplishments.

Chief of the Southeast Ohio District Jim Sferra said in the past forty years they have made great improvements in air pollution, water quality and garbage control.

Sferra said he believes the Ohio EPA is the best in water quality control.

"We have probably the best water quality group in the country in my opinion," said Sferra. "We ask the bugs and fish of the stream how are they doing and we've asked that of all rivers in Ohio and they're doing tremendously better."

Sferra also said they have reduced more than 150 tons of air pollution from school bus emissions.

Sferra added that the EPA is always working on new projects and their latest involves a gaseous diffusion plant in Portsmouth.

"They're tearing down some fairly large buildings associated with the gaseous diffusion plant that was part of the cold war era and it's a lot of jobs and a lot of work," said Sferra.