OU Medical College Branch Receives Accreditation

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The Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation recently granted approval to Ohio University's Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Dublin branch.

OU's medical college had been given the go ahead to open a Dublin branch, but now they can begin recruiting students for their charter class at the Dublin extension.

"We'll be selecting 50 students through a centralized process to go on that campus," said dean of the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Johnson.

According to Johnson, they have "a very well laid out plan" from here to the start of classes in July 2014.

"We'll be hiring a large number of faculty and staff. We have a staffing plan for that. As well as the renovation of three buildings," said Johnson.

The physical plan to get the college up and running will cost $25 million alone, however Johnson says that won't be an issue due to an large grant awarded for the program last year.

"We were funded by the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation here in Ohio with a $105 million grant. We believe it's the largest grant to support primary care in history," said Johnson.

Johnson says the Dublin extension will create a new model for medical education.

"There's actually two pieces to the new model: one is the delivery system, the other is the content. So, in the delivery system, they are creating a really synchronous process between our Athens campus and our campus in Dublin. So, there is essentially a seamless academic environment between the two. The other is the content. So, some of the newer concepts like the patients' center medical home, a new delivery method for primary care is going to be integrated into the program," said Johnson.

Johnson says that osteopathic students at the Dublin campus will be able to complete all four years at that facility.