Chillicothe School Board On Track To Approve Levy Proposal

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Chillicothe City School board members are one step closer to putting a levy before voters.

The board met Monday night and voted in the first of a series of approval measures to put a 6.9 mills property tax levy on the May ballot.

School board president Randy Drewyor says the last levy passed in 2005.

In the last seven years, the school district has had to make a series of cuts to keep up with changing cost structures.

"Now we're to the point where any more cuts are going to result in having to eliminate programs like art and music, phys ed, those things which we think are extremely important for the overall education of our children," said Drewyor.

Drewyor says the board chose not to go for a special election in February because it would cost taxpayers too much.

Instead, they opted to try for the regular May election.

"It is cutting it close. If we don't pass in May, other cuts are going to have to be made and we'll go again in November, but May is almost a one shot to do this, but we realize there's some risk in doing that, but it gives the levy committee the chance to build the right campaign," said Drewyor.

Drewyor says the board is still deciding if the levy will be an emergency or additional levy.

The proposed measure would raise about $2 million for operating expenses.

The board's final vote on the levy is scheduled to take place at their January meeting.