Athens Using Collection Agency To Identify Taxpayers

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Athens taxpayers will be getting something in the mail from the City of Athens next week and even though it’ll have a green envelope, it’s not a late Christmas card.

Instead, it’s a letter from Cleveland Central Collection Agency and the message is not one of season’s greetings.

The Athens City Income Tax Department has entered into a contract with the collection agency which will, “use federal income tax information to identify potential taxpayers for the City.”

A city news release says Cleveland Central “has matched the Athens database against IRS records and will be mailing letters to taxpayers the week of December 27th.”

The news release goes on to say, “ If you receive a letter, you will need to follow the directions and/or contact CCA with any questions.”

And the release concludes with, “This is a valid attempt to identify if you should be filing tax returns with the City of Athens Income Tax Department.”