Nelsonville-York Auctions Off Old Elementary School

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The Nelsonville York City School Board will vote Friday afternoon whether to accept a bid on a former school building.

Superintendent Mick McClelland says the old Poston Elementary School was sold in an auction Thursday night.
Capstone Properties bid $120,000 for the property on Kimberly Road in Nelsonville.
McClelland says the board will take action on the sale of the school at a special meeting at 4 p.m.
The full board must vote, but McClelland says he believes the sale will be approved.
The school board previously tried to auction off the property since it closed in 2010, but was unsuccessful.
McClelland says he's pleased with the purchase price and that the building will be used once more.
Capstone Properties already owns one former school building: the old Alexander/Albany Elementary School.
Part of that building has since been turned into a cafe.