Athens Co. Engineer Wading Through ‘Mixed Up Records’

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The Athens County engineer is in the process of developing a records retention policy for his office in the wake of finding boxes of mixed up files and missing personnel data.

Engineer Jeff Maiden took office earlier this month after defeating long-time county engineer Archie Stanley in the November general election.

Maiden says when he began work at the department, he found paper records had been removed from an employee's workstation and 18 boxes contained a mix of time cards, federal records and other paperwork.

Electronic files for six employees who had recently left the department, either through retirement or resignation, were also missing, although Maiden says through the work of a software consultant, he was able to recover that data.

Those departed employees included Mike Canterbury, Cathy Canterbury, Paula Blauser, Mitch Brunton and Mike King, as well as Archie Stanley.

The county auditor had requested the data to confirm employee payouts for accrued vacation and compensation time for those retiring or resigning.

Maiden said until the electronic files were recovered, he had no way to provide that information.

Maiden has filed a report with the Athens County Sheriff's office regarding the matter and says he has a meeting with the sheriff and the county prosecutor tentatively scheduled for next week.

He says his office is still working through the files and that there is no real way of knowing exactly what's missing.