OU Fine Arts Students Featured At Majestic Galleries

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You're Not from Around Here, Majestic Galleries' first show of 2013, features the work of several first-year MFA students from Ohio University’s School of Fine Arts.

Aaron Smith, a member of Majestic Galleries and a resident of Nelsonville, will display a new series of paintings that explore the night, including spaces illuminated by artificial light and faraway celestial bodies.

He chose this subject with a desire to deal with forgotten or ignored spaces.

According to Smith, he represents the subject as directly as possible, hoping that viewers will bring their biases to project and inform the pieces.

Ian Campbell, a native of Kansas City, Mo., is currently pursuing his MFA in Photography and Integrated Media at Ohio University. His work represents his interest in the dialogue between science and fiction, natural history and pop culture.

Campbell's work incorporates traditional analog photographic practices with film, video, installation, sculpture and found objects to create mysterious, dreamlike images that draw attention to the human impulse to categorize and reconstruct reality.

Daniel King of Columbus is also in the Photography and Integrated Media program. His practice as a photographer and experimental filmmaker has developed out of his formal artistic education, his reaction to life experiences and time spent in the commercial art world as a graphic designer and photographer.

In King's work, unused, unplanned or out-of-bound geographic locations and public spaces are explored through photographic means with a range of tools in the mediums of film, video and photography.

Originally from Cincinnati, Nelsonville resident Laura Dobrota will display current as well as older paintings and sculptures. Much of her work involves her interest in natural and organic forms, inspired by a need to understand how progressions in nature work and their possible connection to outside influences.

Dobrota represents her ideas through a variety of painting mediums, along with other materials, including real objects from nature.  

Finally, Connaught Cullen will present her paintings that explore textures and patterns found in the breakdown of a physical environment. 

This show will open Friday, Jan. 25 during Nelsonville’s Final Fridays and run through Sunday, Feb. 17. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Majestic Galleries. Upcoming shows will feature the work of gallery members, Ohio University students and gallery alumni.

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