Athens Council Votes to Improve Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Athens City Council voted Monday evening to move forward with plans to improve the Athens Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Building Crafts Inc. was awarded the contract to complete renovations to the nearly 60-year-old facility.

First Ward Representative Kent Butler said this is not the first time the plant has been renovated.

"My understanding is that the first treatment plant was built in the 50s or 60s and has undergone additions and changes along the way."

Renovations will focus on improvements to water purification replacing older water clarifiers with modernized versions.

The plan also includes eliminating chlorine-based water treatment techniques and replacing them with more effective UV light-water purifiers.

Butler said the plant is overdue for an update.

"There's a need for enhancing our wastewater treatment plant because the city has undergone a lot of growth since the original plant was built."

Construction is expected to begin after the city receives funding from the Ohio Water Development Authority.